Nature and Science Papers

Science and Nature are the two most prestigious interdisciplinary scientific journals. Prof. Ozin and his colleagues have published many articles in these two journals over the years.

Cheng, D., Zhao, Z.J., Zhang, G., Yang, P., Li, L., Gao, H., Liu, S., Chang, X., Chen, S., Wang, T. and Ozin, G.A., 2021. The Nature of Active sites for Carbon Dioxide Electroreduction over Oxide-Derived Copper Catalysts. Nature Communications, 12 (1), 1-8.

Loh, J.Y., Kherani, N.P., Ozin, G.A., 2020, Waveguide Photoreactor Enhances Solar Fuels Photon Utilization: Towards Maximal Optoelectronic – Photocatalytic Synergy. Nature Communications, 2021,

Loh, J.Y., Kherani, N.P., Ozin, G.A., 2020, Persistent CO2 Photocatalysis for Making Solar Fuels in the Dark. Nature Sustainability, in press.

Xu, Y., Duchesne, P., Wang, L., Tavasoli, A., Jelle, A., Xia, M., Liao, J., Kuang, D., Ozin, G.A., 2020, High-Performance Light-Driven Heterogeneous CO2 Catalysis with Near-Unity Selectivity on Metal Phosphides. Nature Communications 11 5149.

Wang, L., Dong, Y., Yan, T., Hu, Z., Jelle, A., Meira, D., Duchesne P., Loh, J., Qui, C., Storey, E., Xu, Y., Sun, W., Ghoussoub, M., Kherani, N., Helmy, A., Ozin, G.A., 2020 , Black Indium Oxide a Photothermal CO2 Hydrogenation Catalyst. Nature Communications 11 2432.

Yan, T., Li, N., Wang, L., Ran, W., Duchesne, P., Wan, L., Nguyen, N., Wang, L., Xia, M., Ozin, G.A., 2020 Bismuth Atom Tailoring of Indium Oxide Surface Frustrated Lewis Pairs Boosts Heterogeneous CO2 Photocatalytic Hydrogenation. Nature Communications 11 6095.

Cherukupally, P., Sun, W., Wong, A.P., Williams, D., Ozin, G.A., Bilton, A., Park, C.B., 2020, Surface-Engineered Sponges for Recovery of Crude Oil Micro-droplets from Wastewater. Nature Sustainability 3 136-143.

Dittmeyer, R., Klumpp, M., Kant, P., Ozin, G.A., 2019, Crowd Oil not Crude Oil. Nature Communications 10 1818.

Qian, C., Sun, W., Hung, D.L.H., Qiu, C., Makaremi, M., Kumar, S.G.H., Wan, L., Ghoussoub, M., Wood, T., Xia, M., Tountas, A., Li, Y., Wang, Lu., Dong, Y., Gourevich, I., Singh, C., Ozin, G.A., 2019,
Catalytic CO2 Reduction by Palladium-Decorated Silicon–Hydride Nanosheets. Nature Catalysis 2 46-54.
Wan, L., Zhou, Q., Wang, X., Wood, T., Wang, L., Duchesne, P., Guo, J., Yan, X., Xia, M., Li, Y., Jelle, A., Ulmer, U., Jia, J., Li, T., Sun, W., Ozin, G.A., 2019, Cu2O Nanocubes with Mixed Oxidation-State Facets for (Photo) Catalytic Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide. Nature Catalysis 2 889-898.

Ulmer, U., Dingle, T., Duchesne, P., Morris, R., Tavasoli, A., Wood, T., Ozin, G.A., 2019, Fundamentals and Applications of Photocatalytic CO2 Methanation. Nature Communications 10 3169.

Yan, X., Sun, W., Fan, L., Duchesne, P., Wang, W., Kubel, C., Wang, D., Kumar, S.G.H., Li, Y., Tavasoli, A., Wood, T., Hung, D.L.H., Wan, L., Wang, L., Song, R., Guo, J., Gourevich, I., Jelle, A., Lu, J., Li, R., Hatton, B., Ozin, G.A., 2019, Nickel@ Siloxene Catalytic Nanosheets for High-Performance CO2 Methanation. Nature Communications 10 2608.

Yan, T., Wang, L., Liang, Y., Makaremi, M., Wood, T., Dai, Y., Huang, B., Jelle, A., Dong, Y., Ozin, G.A., 2019, Polymorph Selection Towards Photocatalytic Gaseous CO2 Hydrogenation. Nature Communications 10 2521.

Mirkovic, T., Foo, M.L., Arsenault, A.C., Fournier-Bidoz, S., Zacharia, N., Ozin, G.A., 2007, Hinged Nanorods – A Chemical Approach to Flexible Nanostructures, Nature Nanotechnology 2, 565-569

Puzzo, D., Arsenault, A.C., Manners, I., Ozin, G.A., 2007, Full Color Photonic Crystal Display, Nature Photonics 1, 468-472

Ledermann, A., Hermatschweiler, M., Cardematiri, L., Ozin, G.A., Wiersma, D., Wegener, M., von Freymann, G., 2006, Three-dimensional Silicon Inverse Photonic Quasicrystals for Infrared Wavelengths, Nature Mater. 5, 942-945

Arsenault, A.C., Clark, T.J, von Freyman, G., Cademartiri, L., Sapienza, R., Bertolotti, J., Vekris, E., Wong, S., Kitaev, V., Manners, I., Wang, R.Z., John, S., Wiersma, D., Ozin, G.A., 2006, Elastic Photonic Crystals: From Color Fingerprinting to Control of Photoluminescence, Nature Materials 5, 179-184 (front cover)

Landskron, K., Ozin, G.A. 2004, Periodic Mesoporous Dendrisilicas (PMDs), Science 306, 1529-1523

Landskron, K., Hatton, B.D., Perovic D.D., Ozin, G.A. 2003, 3-Rings of SiO2C2 Tetrahedra as Building Units of Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas, Science 302, 266-269.

Blanco, A.; Chomski, E.; Grabtchak, S.; Ibisate, M.; John, S.; Leonard, S. W.; Lopez, C.; Meseguer, F.; Miguez, H.; Mondia, J. P.; Ozin, G. A.; Toader, O.; Van Driel, H. M., 2000, Large-scale synthesis of a silicon photonic crystal with a complete three-dimensional bandgap near 1.5 micrometres, Nature, 405, 437-440.

MacLachlan MJ; Ginzburg M; Coombs N; Coyle TW; Raju NP; Greedan JE; Ozin GA; Manners I, 2000, Shaped Ceramics with Tunable Magnetic properties from Metal-Containing Polymers, Science, 287, 1460-1463.

Asefa T; MacLachan MJ; Coombs N; Ozin GA, 1999, Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas with Organic Groups Inside the Channel Walls, Nature, 402, 867-871.

MacLachlan MJ; Coombs N; Ozin GA, 1999, Non-Aqueous Supramolecular Assembly of Metal Germanium Sulfide Mesostructures from Ge4S104- Clusters, Nature 397, 681-684.

Ahari H; Bedard RL; Bowes CL; Coombs N; Dag O; Jiang T; Ozin GA; Petrov S; Sokolov I; Verma A; Vovk G; Young D, 1997, Effect of Microgravity on the Crystallization of a Self-Assembling Layered Material, Nature 388, 857-860.

Yang H; Coombs N; Ozin GA, 1997, Morphogenesis of Shapes and Surface Patterns in Mesoporous Silica, Nature 386, 692-95.

Mann S; Ozin GA, 1996, Synthesis of Inorganic Materials with Complex Form, Nature 382, 313-318.

Yang H; Coombs N; Sokolov I; Ozin GA, 1996, Free-Standing and Oriented Mesoporous Silica Films Grown at the Interface Between Air and Water, Nature, 381, 589-592.

Yang H; Kuperman A; Coombs N; MamicheAfara S; Ozin GA, 1996, Synthesis of Oriented Mesoporous Silica Films on Mica, Nature 379, 703-705.

Oliver S; Kuperman A; Coombs N; Lough A; Ozin GA, 1995, Lamellar Aluminophosphates that Mimic Radiolaria and Diatom Skeletons, Nature 378, 47-51.

Kuperman A; Nadimi S; Oliver S; Ozin GA; Garces JM; Olken MM, 1993, Non-Aqueous Synthesis of Giant Crystals of Zeolites and Molecular Sieves, Nature 365, 239-242.

Ozin GA; Kundig EP; Moskovits M, 1975, Matrix Synthesis and Characterization of Dichromium, Cr2, Nature 254, 503-504.

Ozin GA; Huber HX; Kundig EP; Moskovits M, 1972, Tetracarbonyls of Palladium and Platinum in Low Temperature Matrices, Nature 235, 98-100.

Ozin GA; Huber HX; Vander Voet A, 1971, Depolarization Methods and Isotope Splitting in Matrix Isolation Raman Spectroscopy, Nature 232, 166-68.

Ozin GA; Briggs G; Huber HX; Robinson EA; Vander Voet A, 1971, Matrix Isolation Laser Raman Spectroscopy in Inorganic Chemistry, Nature 231, 174-175.

Ozin GA, 1971, Laser Raman Spectroscopy, Nature 231, 31-3.

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