Best of AM: Front Cover: Ultrathin Inorganic Nanowire

Top Two Papers of Advanced Materials 2008-2009

Ultrathin Inorganic Nanowires

By Ludovico Cademartiri and Geoffrey A Ozin

Advanced Materials cover graphic illustration of a high resolution transmission electron micrograph image of ultrathin bismuth sulphide nanowires with unprecedented diameter of only 1.6 nm, a size that bridges the fuzzy regime between molecular and nanoscopic depicts the dawn of the beginning of something new and exciting in materials chemistry and nanochemistry, emerging fields that never tire of reinventing themselves.

Read the press release.

“Advanced Materials has compiled a special reprint issue, The Best of Advanced Materials, which contains a selection of their “most advanced” recently published articles.

After considering the most active areas of materials science, feedback from reviewers, and the citations and full-text downloads for almost 1000 contributions, 12 articles were chosen.

The broad scope of the journal is evident from the final collection, which highlights some of the most important topics in materials science, for example, nanostructured materials, photovoltaics, energy storage and batteries, and bionanotechnology…”

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