Congratulations to Dr. Loh and Professor Ozin on their new book Energy Materials Discovery: Enabling a Sustainable Future

It is with great excitement and delight that we wish to announce the Energy Materials Discovery: Enabling a Sustainable Future to be published by RSC in May, 2022 is now available for order on Amazon!

About the book: This book presents, through the eye of materials chemistry, an umbrella view of the myriad of classes of materials that make renewable energy technologies work. They are poised to facilitate the transition of non-renewable and unsustainable energy systems of the past into renewable and sustainable energy systems of the future. It is a story that often begins in chemistry laboratories with the discovery of new energy materials. Yet, to displace materials in existing energy technologies with new ones, depends not only on the ability to design and engineer a superior set of performance metrics for the material and the technology but also the requirement to meet a demanding collection of economic, regulatory, social, policy, environmental and sustainability criteria.

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