ArtNano Work Featured in New Exhibit

The exhibition “Exo-Evolution” presented at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, sets its focus on the artistic application of new technologies, offering views of the future and the past with its modules. With new tools and meta-tools, data and metadata, man creates a new exo-universe. By not only leaving the field of engineering culture to the sciences, art follows up to other epistemic systems, which explain and change the world. This new form of art aims for solutions like the exo-evolution itself and thus itself becomes part of the exo-evolution.

The exhibition focuses on the artistic use of new technologies and opens up views into the future, in various modules. It shows us our new reality, which is shaped by 3-D printers and robots, cyborgs and chimeras, molecules and gene pools, wearable technologies and medical miracles, synthetic life forms, bionic suits and silicon retinas, artificial tissue and repair techniques, and new discoveries in space research, molecular biology, neurology, genetics, and quantum information science.

Visions and solutions for twentieth-century problems are presented, such as that under development at the University of Toronto by the Solar Fuels Research Cluster spearheaded by Professor Geoffrey Ozin. They passionately believe that CO2 should be viewed as an asset not a liability. The art-science exhibit portrays a strategy for utilizing CO2 on a global scale for making chemicals, polymers and fuels to combat the climate crisis. This strategy offers an appealing and cost-effective solution to the intertwined challenges of climate change, renewable energy and environmental pollution facing humanity today,

More information about the exhibit can be found here

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