Jar of Fears: Do We Want to Fight CO2 or Embrace It?

Concordia’s Science Odyssey was kick-started with a lecture from Geoff entitled “Jar of Fears: Do We Want to Fight CO2 or Embrace It?” The Science Odyssey celebrates science in many forms – from a science fair for children and families, to a multi-disciplinary art exhibition, to an event examining science facts and fiction. Led by Concordia professors in collaboration with international guest lecturers, students and the public alike had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a challenging and vibrant intellectual environment. This unique opportunity allowed academic fields to converge while looking at science from a variety of angles. Science Odyssey is an initiative of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC).

The full article can be read on Concordia’s website, the abstract can be found here, and Geoff’s Jar of Fears Odyssey lecture can be viewed here.

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